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nftseed was conceived by permaculturists, adventurers, creators, and visionaries. We are global citizens with our bodies residing in Canada. The dream of establishing intergenerational securities in land, water, food, medicine, infrastructure, finance, and purpose fuel this project's core. Together we stand in a crux moment of time, knowing this bioconvergence can be mutual and integral.

nftseed Staff

dubie - Founder, story teller, project lead. Has extensive experience with entrepreneurship, landscape design, growing, and leading development teams.
cody - Artistic curator, designer, artist. Been creating art since a young boy, is a permaculture designer, and builder of many structures.
Urtheguru - Administrator, horticulture, and dreamer. Degree in fine arts, master landscape designer/creator, and realizing many dreams to bring into project fruition.

Consultation and Development

0xRabbit - Not a direct member of our team, but has supported our project in many ways through enabling our harvest system using Lit Stake Pool. Thank you for your endless consultation to help us better understand the technical elements.

Community Management

PureRelativity - Developer and discord master. Helped hugely secure our discord channel, create further interactivity with our NFT's and members, along with moderation. Can be found tinkering with Cardano and Ethereum projects alike.
$cyberbullion - Supporter since day 1 and wonderful moderator that can be found enriching the Cardano and Ethereum blockchains.
DrOctaFunk - Moderator and supporter of many CNFT projects. You can find him at nftseed but his true home is Rubbish Animation and CardanoKeys.
Owlt - Incredible film artists, lovely song writer, and huge hearted man. This chap moderates with a heart of gold and is always willing to bring a sense of hilarity to the table.