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The future of nftseed is rooted in the growth of environments, digital and in the real. Our next seeds will be fully on chain, forever evolving, experiencing the entire plant life cycle. For every nftseed we plant, we will also plant the beginnings of healthy ecosystems in the real world. We are huge fans of planting trees, but also recognize natural environments consist of 9 different layers, and only 3 of these layers are trees.
Our first effort in giving back is to provide the financial and design resources to establish reforestation nurseries within East Africa, working alongside an INGO called HOPEthiopia. This organization is well established in Ethiopia and beyond, and has the staff and resources to ensure seeds we start will be able to grow for generations to come.
The future of nftseed's giveback is going to fall under a few main categories:
  1. 1.
    Creating educational programs in innovative ways. We'd like to harness an alignment of blockchain technology, metaverse landscapes, and teaching curriculums to allow for replicable lessons across the globe.
  2. 2.
    Planting nurseries and entire forests using regenerative practices and intergenerational foresights. Our entire teams craves a world where our future generations can drink clean water, enjoy abundant forests, and connect with nature and it's many critters.
  3. 3.
    Create NFT series that are interactive and purposeful. There are loads of seemingly meaningless NFT projects in the world. With every action nftseed takes, it's a goal to enrich anything we touch and bring true value to the table.