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Collaborations are wildly exciting for the nftseed team. The validation process is really simple. We look for the following when evaluating if a collaboration should be in the works with another party:
  1. 1.
    Does nftseed and said party share a similar vision, mission, passion?
  2. 2.
    Is there mutual benefit in doing a collaboration?
  3. 3.
    What's the the purpose of collaborating?
  4. 4.
    Will this drive value for seed holders?
Presently nftseed has collaborated with the following CNFT projects:
What is Cardano Keys?
CardanoKeys goes beyond scarcity. We experiment with NFTs providing permanent intrinsic value. 70% of revenue will be distributed in our community based on NFTs - forever! The initial sale, ongoing projects and future projects, all included! Core revenue stems from the initial sale, staking pool, marketplace and loot crates.
What's the Collaboration?
An exclusive nftseed was created for Cardano Keys stake pool delegators to encourage retention of delegation. We also have provided small satchel of seeds to their loot crate draws that happen on the regular. Cardano Keys was one of the earliest and most innovative utility based CNFT projects that has huge hearts for the community. Learn more Cardano Keys and search for them on secondary should you like.
What is Cardanocade?
The first (and currently only) Emulator project on the Cardano blockchain. Enabling you to play the game directly on-chain on the NFT itself.
What is the goal?
The projects goal will be to make a fun little game for the specific emulator releases. Community members can vote on what type of game, theme and play-style it get. Our community members even have a chance to become a NPC (non playable character) in game and become a Quest giver, store owner or even a random Enemy. The idea is to do workshops on Discord showing the ropes and teach the willing community members how i work, so they can participate in creating assets for the game. (its no rocket science)
Interested in Collaborating? Expect an application form to be launched shortly to enable applying to collaborate with us.