Watch the harvest teaser animation below.

Harvests are an integral part of the nftseed project. They will enable us to share in the joy of our nftseed's abundance while planting plants (amongst other things). The goal is empowerment, resilience, and regeneration for the environment they exist within. This story will unfold as we grow.

How do harvests work?

Natively, each nftseed will produce one of it's respective harvests every 3 months. If one or multiple bees are held within the same wallet as any Chapter 1 nftseed(s), the bee(s) will pollinate each of your plants and grant a larger harvest (bee boost info). Bees provide their boosted yields once per harvest season.

When are harvest seasons?

New harvests will be available on the following dates:

  • December 21

  • March 21

  • June 21

  • September 21

Unlike in the real world, these harvests magically keep forever. Harvests won't expire for claim as long as this system and program is running. Feel free to let them accumulate to make for larger, more strategic harvests.


So, let’s run an example of what a typical harvest might look like:

  1. Pat has a worker bee and one raspberry shrub. Every 3 months Pat will receive 11 raspberries (+1 native harvest, and +10 harvests for holding a worker bee alongside their shrub).

  2. Chungus used their wallet in the How to Harvest screenshots which contains one apple tree, one mint plant, and one nftseed bee. Chungus received +11 apples, and +11 mint sprigs respectively.

What can be done with these harvests?

  1. Sending $nftseed 10 fruit/nuts/berry/herb in any combination will enable you to propagate a plant in the real, readying it to be planted into it's destined new home.

  2. Sending $nftseed 30 fruit/nuts/berry/herb in any combination will allow you to mint one of the Chapter 2 nftseeds as a gift for your long hold.

  3. Much more in the future, we're keeping it simple while we pilot this program.

Planting will commence in appropriate seasons, along with ample plans and maintance schedules. Transacted harvests will act like a limit order.

NOTE: Number of harvests required for actions are subject to change. We'll be forward about this if necessary.

Harvest Rules:

  • Bees and nftseed(s) can only be harvested from once ever 3 months. Once a bee and/or nftseed has been used for a harvest, it will be considered tuckered out and will need rest until the next harvest is available. Feel free to share your bees or nftseeds, but remember first harvest is first claim, then you wait for the next harvest.

How to Harvest:

To perform a harvest simply follow the steps below:

  • Copy/paste your ₳ receive address or $handle in the submission area on this page and click the Check Rewards button as seen below:

  • The system will check your wallet for nftseed(s) and nftseed bee(s) then determine how many of each harvests you are eligible to claim.

  • Read the Terms of Service and if you agree, click the slider, then click Claim Rewards.

  • Follow instructions on this page and submit service charge for receiving your harvest as seen below:

  • Once payment is submitted, your harvests will arrive shortly.

  • Harvest Complete!

Harvest Alpha:

  • Harvests will accumulate so if you're looking to min/max you might choose to let your harvests build up until you want to take action with them. They won't expire.

  • If you don't want to pay the 3₳, feel free to stake a wallet with LIT Stake Pool that holds your nftseed assets and you will only be responsible for the 2.5₳ which will be returned to you upon harvest.

  • Harvests are not intended to hold any monetary value, rather utility within our project. However you decide to trade these assets is out of nftseeds control, but let our intention be clear, these are fun time tokens.

NOTE: nftseed will announce open periods for redemptions, the length and frequency of these redemption periods will be determined by the team and the community, and are subject to change.

NOTE: We are working on our own reporting system to track the planting of plants in real life. To further this vision, we have partnered with other groups hoping to utilize aspects of their technology. Our community will play a key role in how this aspect of the project grows and develops.

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