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This is an evolving project and the purpose of this roadmap is to project the direction we are headed. Don't get married to the milestones in this roadmap, rather lets use them as guides for what's to come:

Q3 2021:

  • First seed planted in the mind of nftseed Founders,
  • Develop story and art for our first series,
  • Grow website and community (discord & twitter),
  • Form pioneer species and seedling discord groups,
  • Plant 1021 cnft's into the world,

Q4 2021:

  • Show creative process behind the first series,
  • Post medial to better promote nftseed,
  • Garner feedback and rest a little,
  • Develop story and art next series,

Q1-Q2 2022:

  • Launch nftseed bee series,
  • Establish better relations across Cardano community and other blockchains,
  • Audit other chains to discover potential chains to spread out roots into next,
  • Build harvesting system nftseed(s),
  • Experiment with integration into metaverse's,
  • Consult on reforestation nursery setup in Ethiopia,
  • Consult on transformation of Garbage city in Ethiopia,

Q3-4 2022:

  • Create logic for the harvesting system,
  • Align with partner projects to better develop relations,
  • Deliver designs for Ethiopia apple orchard,
  • Release promotional materials,
  • Develop harvest system and implement Cp. 1 Journey to the New series,
  • Formalize the upcoming art, and story of next series,

Q1-2 2023:

  • Test harvest system internally,
  • Preform first harvest season in beta with community,
  • Develop and implement transaction system to send harvests for planted plants,
  • Develop and implement simple reporting system for plants planted,
  • Travel to East Africa to establish pilot project and develop alongside partner projects,
  • Conduct observation, mapping, planning, and market research alongside partners,
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