Chapter 1.1 The Return of the Bees

Chapter 1.1 The Return of the Bees teaser animation

nftseed bees

Early January 2022 - nftseed bees were introduced, adding pollinators to the series, and bringing utility to our series as a whole.
Fruit yields will be minted as Fungible Tokens and there will be a fixed supply of these. The nftseed harvest wallet will hold all of these tokens and will distribute them during designated harvest times. NOTE: These fungible tokes are intended explicitly for the use of planting plants in real life or acquiring a future nftseed, nothing more for now.
Four times a year for 2 years there will be a harvest season from all nftseeds. Each seed will yield 1 of its respective fruits/berries/nuts/herbs. 1 haskap shrub will yield 1 haskap berry. 2 apple trees and 1 raspberry shrub will yield 2 apples and 1 raspberry. This is how harvest will work without a bee in your nftseed wallet.
The main function of our friendly pollinator bees are as follows:
  1. 1.
    Holding at least one bee in your seed wallet will enter you into a monthly draw. At the time of the drawing 5 wallets will be randomly drawn to receive a harvest proportional to the bee(s) and seed(s) they hold.
  2. 2.
    Bee’s will add a +10, +30, or +10 all fruit/nut/berry/herb to your yield for the quarterly harvest or if your nftseed(s) are selected in our monthly draw.
Note: There will be a common Harvest season for all seed holders, once every 3 months, to ensure we all get to partake in the bounty (no bee required).