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What is nftseed?

Good to know: This project is in the very early state of development, so the reader is requested to take everything written in these documents with a grain of salt. This is an experimental roadmap that will be dynamic and change depending on a multitude of variables


Over the past thousands of years, we as humans have extracted resources and transformed landscapes at increasing rates. Our forefathers would be proud of the progress we’ve made, seeing towers rise to the heavens and mines burrowing into earth's bowels. Animals submit to our demands, and old growth forests dwindle day by day.

What is nftseed?

The world of nftseed is known as the New, and will spread its roots across different regions of the blockchain, and the real world. Each place we grow, bounty and habitat will be left in our wake.
nftseed is an evolving NFT project created to:
1. Share a story of growth and hope through a series of chapters, and corresponding NFT drops, beginning with animated seeds that grows into a plant on the blockchain;
2. Create purpose driven projects that enrich the blockchain and real-world ecosystems;
3. Use stories, art, design, utility, and fun to raise awareness and inspire active support for hope filled projects;
4. Develop and incentivize virtual and hands-on educational programs to enhance global knowledge of strategic growth and generational planning;
5. Collaborate with like-minded blockchain projects to help each other grow; and
6. Grow strong and lasting global communities of people with similar aspirations.
A brief interview between artistic curator (cody) and founder (dubie).
Good to know: If you'd like to connect with us please use the following links to learn more about nftseed:

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Good to know: Please remember that nftseed is a developing organization. We rely on community interaction and contributions to grow and evolve. Remember this greenpaper is a guide, not absolute.
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